Liberty PullAPart is a self-service auto salvage yard-and definitely not your average "junkyard!".

Liberty PullAPart is THE place to buy auto parts at a fraction of what you would pay at a dealer or auto parts store...because at Liberty you "pull it yourself and save." We bring in fresh cars daily so there is always a great selection. Liberty is neat and clean, and the vehicles are arranged by make and type (i.e. GM, Chrysler, Ford, trucks, imports) so they are easy to find.

Liberty also offers top dollar for wrecked cars and trucks. And we sell cars.

So for auto parts at a "fraction of the cost" come to Liberty Pull•A•Part.

• $1.00 Admission • Must be 18 years or older with proper ID to enter

• Visa, Master Card, Discover, Check and Cash accepted

Open 7 Days a week! • Mon-Sat 7am - 6pm • Sun 7am - Noon

1064 E. Morgan Ave., Evansville

tel:(812)435-2024fax(812) 423-3103

Webmaster: Jim Staley